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Wind energy

Wind energy is an important part of the renewable and sustainable energy generation. Endion Logistics is specialized in the international transport of wind turbines, in particular extra-long blades as well as heavy units like nacelles, generators and drive trains. We have the expertise to deliver wind generators into the remotest regions of the world with highly challenging road infrastructure.

Oil & Gas

Delivery of equipment for modernization or construction of new plants in the oil and gas industry requires experience not only in the transport sector, but also in the consolidation of large cargo volumes as well as organisation and coordination with constructors. Our team has been organizing major logistics projects in the oil & gas industry since 2008 with great success and satisfaction of our customers.

Space & Aircraft

Our staff is specialized in the organization of equipment deliveries for the space and aircraft industry, which requires a high level of coordination since parts of the delivered equipment may react sensitively to vibrations during loading and transport.