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Endion Logistics is a premium supplier of logistics services

Our dedicated specialists offer worldwide tailored door-to-door services in freight forwarding, contract logistics and supply chain management. We focus on complex industrial projects and we are driven to handle them faster and more efficient than others.

Our vision

We believe in a world of free trade and interconnectivity. We work hard every day to shape the complexity of globalization in a way that will allow you to fulfill your logistics tasks efficiently.

Our mission

We aim to become one of the world’s top 5 providers of project logistics solutions. This requires us to be passionate about understanding your supply chain, your needs and the challenges you face in logistics.

Our presence

Through our network of partners, we have a global footprint. Day by day, we are uniting our branches into a growing center of excellence, acting locally and thinking globally.

Our promise

We go the extra mile to provide our customers with solutions and services they need. Unlike others, we accept projects that appear impossible or too complex. We promise that we can handle them.

Endion Logistics is committed to its values

As a modern global company, Endion Logistics not only respects certain values, but works hard day by day to become better.


We are fully committed to the sophisticated compliance approach which is outlined in our code of conduct and ethics policy. The execution is driven top-down from senior management to desk level employees. We empower our staff to report any non-compliant activities.


We prefer to treat our business partners as equals. Informing them about every step we take to push our common project forward. Therefore, we provide them with detailed information about our operations and upcoming measures when requested.


Our company is owned by a strong investment fund and is headquartered in Luxembourg.
We endeavor to comply entirely with all applicable international laws, rules and regulations; conflicts would be resolved in Luxembourg. This approach is in line with the funds’ regulators’ requirements and conforms to our philosophy.


Climate change and the global warming is a fact of life, and a very frightening one. Therefore, we make huge efforts and deploy the most efficient technologies to reduce emissions and increase efficiency. All our measures are driven by the intention to save the planet for our children and grandchildren as much as we can.

Board of Directors

Well reputed top-managers of different countries contribute with expertise and contacts to the success of Endion Logistics.

Dr. Fares Kilzie

Endion Logistics,

Roberto Bizzarri

Endion Logistics,
Chief Executive Officer

Our Structure

Creon Energy Fund

The Creon Energy fund is an unlimited opportunity fund acting in compliance with EU laws, audited by Ernst & Young and monitored by the Intertrust depositary bank as well as by the Luxembourg financial authority CSSF.